Rogue one – A star wars story Review


Story line:

Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones), a young renegade woman who is detained by the Empire for her crimes against them until freed by the Rebels. Rebels wants her to find her father Research scientist Galen Erso whom she thinks dead. But he is helping Empire to build a weapon capable of destroying planets. How Jyn achieve her target is the plot of the movie.


How death star came to existence, the perfect story for its birth. What is more important is how the strings are connected with each other. Total credit to story writer. Performances are very good. The director is able to achieve the target as you are bound to watch the movie till last scene.

My view:

If you like star wars series, a perfect story for you to be in. A tale of Hope. If you aren’t fan of the series, you don’t need too deepĀ past knowledge to enjoy this one.