Noor Review


Story line:

Noor, an innocent journalist, seeking for the purpose of her life, always upset with life. She wants to do serious journalism. When she found out organ scam of an hospital, she put everything on line to get his first story. But she failed and she lost everything. What she will do to get justice to the innocent and will she get it , is the plot of the movie.


We have seen movies where media power is shown very heavily like Page 3 or Phir bhi dil hai hindustani. Noor lacks that power of media or the power of characters. Acting performances are good from Sonakshi. The support cast has tried to lift the movie but can’t support the movie to raise its bar. Songs are good to hear but breaks momentum of the movie. Director is not able to maintain negativity in balance.

My view:

The movie will make you doubt on your happy life. There is only few dialogue that is useful when the channel director advise Noor about journalism. Except that there is nothing positive in the movie.