Jab Harry Met Sejal Review

Story line:

Harinder Singh Nehra (Shahrukh Khan) as Harry, a man who thinks he is womanizer, is a tour guide in Europe and a lost person seeking something but don’t exactly know what.  Harry met Sejal, a girl slightly immature, seeking her engagement ring that she has lost in her tour.  Harry has to help her to find it. And they start a journey together to find it. What they actually discover is the plot of the movie.


A lost man met a girl and they went on trip and fall in love. Story is listened somewhere. This is basically road map for Imtiaz’s films and same goes here. But still movie has its power to capture you till last scene.

Performances are too good for me. Shahrukh as lost man, given his best. Wherever story needed love angle, his romance will fall you in love.  Anushka on the other end, played too cute, innocent. There is a dialogue “Cannot look at you with cheapness”.  And even she goes bold, she will look more cute. But when transformation comes, her mature role will also impress you. Aru Krishansh has very small role but his role also impress me. At some point his role pulls story up.

Special section for music too. 13 -14 songs and when you hear them in theater, you feel each transformation in characters. Even background music has played intense role throughout the movie. When ever dialogues are stopped, music has taken story to different level.

Cinematography is again a very good point of the movie.  Each scene from first to last, so beautiful. Beauty of Europe or boldness of characters is captured so perfectly.  All the scenes speak their own tails.

For the direction, Imtiaz seems to know exactly what & how much he need to put love & how much self realization. Perfect combination.

My view:

So what you will like, First half is totally comedy. Second half has too many songs. If you can feel them than you will get what you were seeking else you have happy ending. But you will enjoy this beautiful journey..