Total Siyappa Review

India Pakistan relationship is very complicated issue. This is the base of the movie. All and all they try to convince people that people live in both country have their own problems and they want to live with peace. With very unusual song track movie is too slow.All and all movie disappoint me very much as most of time comedy scenes becomes headache.

300 – Rise of an empire Review

Trough Out nonstop action packed and with lots of 3D effects. A small fire breeze throughout the movie in background which alive 3D effect throughout the movie. But I am not so sure how it looks in 2D. But i can say I was not disappoint , it was as expected by trailer , the movie turns out.

Shaadi Ke Side Effects Review

“kuch extra pane ke liye hum wo bhi kho dete hai jo hamare paas hai…” that’s the moral of the story. slow but very interesting movie.

Excellent performances, story writing and direction. it gives you the sadness, happiness and lots of thinking moments. Basically a family movie , that was worth i spent.