Say Yes to Zindagi


Someone, dreaming to go on a vacation, unplanned and continuously thinks about it. And never gets there. While someone, who takes life as it is and enjoys every situation whatever life is in, has an exceptional unplanned journey living in each moment.

What is the difference? The first someone, will not accept the unacceptable even if it is happening. It will be always planned and not coincidentally. So will always in search for unplanned. While the second, someone, who accept everything, has everything unplanned as you never know what is on the next moment. So he has lots of moments with him of joy, sorrow, stress, win or loose. But always have something to happening around.

The issue with the current people is that we want to go unplanned but when someone asks us and we are not sure, the first thing we say is no. We gave up such chances to go unplanned in our regular life so much that we never get change to enjoy unplanned life. To change the situation, just try to say yes to unplanned, and you will see life has many unplanned moments for you.

On that note, lets see a happy songs, to celebrate unplanned life…

The Secret of Paan(betel)


Someday before I ate Paan at a local shop. It was amazing. The full time I was thinking about it. There was something special. I went to visit it again and ordered a paan again. He started to make it. He took 2-3 minutes to make a single paan. And then he gave it to me and I found the same test.

It was nothing special at all and everything was special. It was the art of the making paan. It was the waiting time of what you have desire. In this 21st century everything is at our fingertip. We have missed the joy of the earning things by our self. I was missing that and with that paan I found it and got the joy of it with the taste of paan.

There was one more thing that was special about it and it was the art to make something in classic style. The making of paan or the art that man contain. There are so many creative people around us but they never get the right price or praise of their art. With the taste of his paan I also give him the satisfactory face which brings smile on his face and that is more important to him.

The Treasure Part-2



It was a Monday morning. He was waiting for college bus. There were some girls who shared the stop with him. He give a smile to them. In a response he gain a question that does he had the bus owner no? He gave the no. He has not expected such result so he sat there on a bench as always like a dead.

and then the girl return there with a diary in her hand. she gave the diary with a thank you with it. The boy asked her to sit. and she called her friend and they start their gossip again. He heard them laughing and becoming serious. sometimes he wanna know what happened next. And the bus came.

And that day was very long for him. He created so many “hi” relations. After that day he give and get “hi”,”good morning”, “good night” etc. there was change in his life. Now people know he exists. About a year or so has passed but still the fun part was missing.

There was a good thing in his life that his seat was reserved in the class and the bad thing was every day he gets a new guy besides him. And that day was very bad. There was result came a night ago. the boy got bad grades. and what a co-incidence he got the bench mate who scored second in the college.

the boy used to make notes in the class and the scored boy asked him why are u wasting paper. The boy give a serious answer that he reads the notes on exams as he didn’t understand the books. the scored boy was surprised. He got never answer of his questions before. And that day the boy has lots question came to his way. the day was very embarrassing for him when professor ask them their results.

The day passed but what u know the boy get the same bench mate.he has to handle the rest of the question and embarrassment was  through the week. But it became regular to him. It was a Monday again. But it was different. the boy missed his bus. He returned home. that day he found that fun missing feeling again. He was surprised as whole week he never feel that.

He understand that we have right to choose our friends but some are special who are sent to be in life. and they are the treasure in your life through which u can feel joy.

The Treasure Part-1


The Boy enter in to the room. It was the new life called college. It’s not new for him to walk across new faces as he has changed so many schools. But the first time of college was different. There was excitement that how the college is going to be different? Is there fun like all movies shows?

He didn’t find the difference on that day or that whole week. It was a Sunday. A call came to him. It was his last school guy. He and some other were going to meet at a restaurant. He want to say no but he couldn’t. He didn’t believe in anyone or trust anyone. But they all have some bond which he didn’t know.

He meets them. Everyone have joined to new college. all of them are in different field. But one question was asked to him by all of them how are the girls in your college. But they all know how much serious type was he. and his answer was “they are scholar and beautiful. Excellent in study but very rude.”

The next question was have you made any new friends. some of them are in hostel so they have roommates. Some were expert with girls so they have a group already. He was silent as he hasn’t take this step. No one notices him and they have the final question what do u want to eat? then he returned.

(so what he will do now and what will happen … continues….)

Let It Go


Have you seen her like this before? the boy asked to himself. It was a college function. Mostly people have headed to their home as they allowed but few who wants to participate and someone who can’t decide what to do are still in the college.

There was a competition rounds. The arrangement was done by the group of girls. The function has started and all those who are present were watching it. girls were announcing the games and the rules. But no one was dared to participate in it.

And suddenly she gathered the group and they started playing for them. Then they have joined professors. The boy was one of the crowd, a no confidence guy. The games started and the girls started to compete with each other. the boy has never seen such confidence in anyone. They have left their self behind and they are totally in that what they are doing.

Though he had not participated but at the end of the function he feels like he won. Its not about confidence or winning or loosing or even participating. Its all about enjoying. Living is not just to breath, sometimes its to let everything go. Living is all about enjoying and the boy was won because he learned how to enjoy….

The Picnic


Hi i am bunny. I am in class VII. I have just come back from my first ever picnic. It was in shanku’s water park. Its too hard to go on picnic. I have to wake up at 6 o’clock. My dad drop me at the school as i miss the pic up wan. But it was mom’s fault. she hasn’t ready the breakfast.

I met my pirate club member chiku. We are the registered members of pirate club. No other person is allowed to join and no one is allowed to leave. although we have to sit according our roll no but we sat together always. As a captain i took the window seat.

Professor mathur take our attendance. He is our math teacher. I don’t like him. he is always serious. He tried to move me from my seat. But my angel professor sima hold him back and the pirates win. She is our history teacher and she understand us well. I have offered her the membership too. its only open for her.

we reach at water park and he took the attendance again. Silly man. how could any one be missing on running bus. But he never learn. We enjoy some rides but most of them were closed for us as we have age problem. Why they have open such big water park when they don’t allow us to go in?

However we get free candy’s. We eat so fast that we get the two. Professor sima has noticed but she didn’t tell. she never tells our secret. But then she takes the second one too. I see that. But i won’t tell anyone, not even chiku.

Then he took attendance again and we return home. It was my first picnic so i was not sure about what to bring. but next time i will bring my camera and takes lots of pictures and will show everybody.