Munna Michael Review

Story line:

Michael (Ronit Roy) is a dancer inspired by Michael Jackson. One day Michael is fired from his job and told Michael Jackson has got its expiry date. On his way home, he finds a newly born baby crying on the side of the road. Michael adopts him and names him Munna (Tiger Shroff). Munna, just like Michael, grows up to be an extraordinary dancer and a diehard fan of Michael Jackson. Michael doesn’t want Munna to become a dancer and instead insists he do a proper job. But Munna still believes that Michael is forever and he wants to proove that. How he does that is plot of the movie.


There are two stories running parallel and both have interesting plot. But when they meet each other the story weakness is shown. Performances are good. Tiger has given really good dance performances. Nidhhi Agerwal has played her part beautifully. But I am more than happy seeing Nawazuddin Siddiqui in gangster role again. Superb acting performance once again by him. Songs are good but in second half they are stretching the movie too much or can say breaking continuity of the movie.

My view:

As the dance sequence is based on Michael Jackson, if we compare the movie to step up series or other dance movies, these one has very average level. But if you check at Indian / Bollywood dance level, its good.



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