The Mummy (2017) Review


Story line:

Princess Ahmanet(Sofia Boutella) is loosely based on the ancient Egyptian goddess, Amunet. Once in line to be the queen of Ancient Egypt, Ahmanet murdered her father and his family in order to resurrect Set, an act for which she was cursed for all eternity and buried alive. She is waiting to be awaken and set free to bring the ancient Egyptian god Set to bring in this world and rule this world.

In present-day Iraq, A U.S. military officer Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) unintentionally unearths the tomb of Princess Ahmanet, unleashing an unspeakable evil. It is up to Nick to save the world from Amunet or join her and become the ruler of it. What he chooses and what is consequences of it is the plot of the movie.


The story writer has given another mystery with lots of drama. For the performances, I am disappointed with Tom’s role. It has no power as we have seen in previous part of series heroes. But you will be impressed with the Sofia’s work. She has presented a very well evil. Support crew has just lift the movie slightly but do not put that much impact. Director has put the movie in half at the end may be for the next part.

My view:

Whenever you feel that the movie has become interesting, it lost its grip. But action scenes are something that will hold you till end.



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