Raabta Review


Story line:

Shiv (Sushant Singh Rajput) moving from India to Budapest for a job as a banker, along with his friend Radha (Varun Sharma). Shiv meets Saira (Kriti Sanon), lives by herself in Budapest, working as a chocolatier. Both of them attracted to each other and fall in love. When Shiv propose to Saira, she puts a test that they both will test world and check if they can get same connection as they have. Shiv easily connect to the world but Saira couldn’t. but then she meets Zakir (Jim Sarbh), a wealthy liquor baron. With time she felt some connection between three of them. What is that connection is the plot of the movie.


A modern day love with connection to past and we have story packed. Story writter has shown very laziness. Even if you want to copy, there was great movies like Magadhira. But I am disappoint with base of the movie. Sushant has played many live in person role so nothing new from him on that part. As historical part, the expression less acting make his part even worst. Kriti looks gorgeous and has played her role of suspicious person. While Jim impress you with possessive, jealous  character. A perfect villain. Music is too good and only favorite part of the movie for me. Director has tried to work this laziness story and too used modern love story mixture but couldn’t make it large.

My view:

I strongly feel that they should be get ahead of live in relations to express modern day love. It makes the movie uninteresting. As for the history part, we can’t say that wow this is love story. And at the end, the total package becomes one big hammer.



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