Karsandas Pay and Use Review


Story line:

Tilok (Mayur Chauhan) runs and administers a pay and use toilet with his younger brother Sundar (Hemang Shah). But his normal life changed when he fall in love at first sight with Jaya (Deeksha Joshi). Jaya is the eldest daughter of Chinubha and Amba among their six children. Chinubha is an auto-rickshaw driver. But in the country where Salim has to fight against his father Akbar to get his love, how can Tilok get his love easily. The fight of Tilok to Chinubha for his love is the plot of the movie.


Once again, a very big Indian problem, in the center of the movie. Cast system and how people live in that. Total credit to story writer for writing such bold script. Credit to full crew too as they have not only take care that not any cast should feel that they were targeted. Totally extraordinary performances. Each punch, each expression is so clear. Director has balanced very well between love story and cast issue.

My view:

Only thing that may be obstacle in the movie is pure Gujarati language. It is very hard to understand if you don’t know it. But otherwise its total fun time. Hemang has made real competition and will have a good future.



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