Happy Family PVT LTD (2013) Review

Story line:

Uttam Mehta (Rajeev Mehta) and his family , well known high society people in Mumbai, is forced to live in a small village Antilapur in Gujarat. What is challenge in that is the village do work on give and take policy. Money is not valid there. you need to do something to take something. What are the challenges and how they overcome it is the plot of the movie.


A world where money is everything and put a thought on viewers mind that we can live without it is something out of the box. Total credit to story writer. Acting performances are good. Not many songs but the best thing is they are not stretching movie nor unbearable. Director has make sure that you enjoy the world without money but also make sure your instinct are running on what will be next?

My view:

I feel this is not that funny movie but the concept and the message is loud and clear and that is why its worth watching.

Trailer: As this movie is available on public. Enjoy it:


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