Sachin: A Billion Dreams Review

Story line:

A 10 year old boy dreams to lift cricket worldcup while watching India’s first World Cup winning skipper Kapil Dev lift the trophy. How a dream change his life? How he became the god of the cricket and what he feels when his dream comes true? Is the plot of the movie.


The story is seriously an emotional one. A dream came true after 20 years of time, what an example of patience, spirit and hard work. There is no fake acting or emotion. So you might miss the expression somewhere. Not much songs and that is good as it doesn’t need. I am sure director has a tough time choosing which moment to keep and which not to. But he has covered most of them without breaking continuity of the film.

My view:

I somewhere feel that if they have translated marathi to Hindi, it would have effected more. But you will see that one man has kept the nation together for over 2 decades.



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