Hindi Medium Review


Story line:

Raj Batra (Irrfan Khan) is a successful business of a bridal wear in downtown Delhi. He lives with his wife Mita (Saba Qamar) and his daughter 5 year daughter Piya in Vasant Vihar. His life gets upside down when Mita decides that Piya should be sent to one of the finest school in Delhi, so she shouldn’t have to live like them. How Indian education system works these days and the difference in the High life and low life is the plot of the movie.


The writer has put spotlight on two major issues of today’s India. First is education system and second race to become high standard. Both are sensitive but written exceptionally well. Performances are really good. Saba and Irrfan as both display their characters so well. The support has been very good by all characters. You can feel each emotions going through the movie. Songs are not so popular (except Suit Suit) but enough to express the message. Director has not lost his focus anywhere and make the points stand without any hesitation.

My view:

There are small point like start of the movie, the chemistry of Irrfan and Saba, they almost make the movie real. You will surely enjoy this admission line.



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