Rangoon Review


Story line:

It is world waar -2 time, Netaji has asked nation to join his Azad hind fauj. Julia (Kangana Ranaut) is a Bollywood actress who was send to the India-Burma border where she must entertain the English and Indian troops by her director / Fiance Kabir Khanna (Saif Ali Khan). On her way she met her bodyguard Nawab Malik (Sahid Kapoor) and fall in love. But she doesn’t know that she was used to carry treasure for Azad hind  fauj. What happens to her love story? what happens to the treasure? the answers of this question is the plot of the movie.


A war story with woman independence and patriotism sounds good but its hard to make balance in them. But writer has tried to put weight in each three aspect. Performances are on average. Kangana has again proved her romantic and woman  oriented character. Saif and Sahid support it well. But other team support is lacking in the movie. Music is good to hear but it is breaking the movie continuity.

My view:

The first half is where you feels it love story but second half is neither love story not war story. The mixture of stories made it unbalanced and in the end it do not end well.



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