Irada Review


Story line:

A mysterious bomb blast in a business tycoon Paddy Sharma’s (Sharad Kelkar) factory prompts the state CM Ramandeep Braitch (Divya Dutta) to hire an NIA officer Arjun Mishra (Arshad Warsi). He meets an ex-army man Parabjeet Walia (Naseeruddin Shah) seeking revenge for his dead daughter and a journalist Maya Singh (Sagarika Ghatge)demanding justice for her slain boyfriend. How Arjun solve the mystery is plot of the movie.


I have read a news on net that there is a train running for cancer patient. But to put it on a story and in such intense way is remarkable. Performances are really good. Every character’s expression speak the dialogues.  Credit to director for choosing such subject and delivering with such intense.

My view:

The movie is slow and full of pain. As it is reality based,the performances are living the characters and showing the pain of people going through the situation at this time. Though the movie has happy ending but reality is still painful.



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