The Ghazi Attack Review


Story line:

In 1971, the east Pakistan is fighting for its freedom.  lots of refuges have seek their shelter on Indian border. West Pakistan do not want to loose its possession on east Pakistan. To make sure this purpose, they need to provide supplies through water area in east Pakistan which is passing through bay of Bengal. But to succeed in this plan, they need to put fight against Indian Navy. So they launch their best submarine Ghazi to destroy Indian Navy possession at bay of Bengal.  What follows next is plot of the movie.


Fictional war story with InoPak war subject, credit goes to writer. He make sure you are there till last scene to enjoy the victory. Acting performances are good.  Support team has very few moments to act but they carry the intensity.  Credit to director for making time travel to 1971. The submarine technology, the attitude of Navy and spirit of soldier is shown very well.

My view:

Movie is really well, under water fighting without navigation and radar system is something new. Characters have really took the movie to another level.



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