Say Yes to Zindagi


Someone, dreaming to go on a vacation, unplanned and continuously thinks about it. And never gets there. While someone, who takes life as it is and enjoys every situation whatever life is in, has an exceptional unplanned journey living in each moment.

What is the difference? The first someone, will not accept the unacceptable even if it is happening. It will be always planned and not coincidentally. So will always in search for unplanned. While the second, someone, who accept everything, has everything unplanned as you never know what is on the next moment. So he has lots of moments with him of joy, sorrow, stress, win or loose. But always have something to happening around.

The issue with the current people is that we want to go unplanned but when someone asks us and we are not sure, the first thing we say is no. We gave up such chances to go unplanned in our regular life so much that we never get change to enjoy unplanned life. To change the situation, just try to say yes to unplanned, and you will see life has many unplanned moments for you.

On that note, lets see a happy songs, to celebrate unplanned life…


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