Wajah Tum Ho Review


Story line:

Kabir Deshmukh (Shareman Joshi) – ACP mumbai police, Rahul Oberoi (Ranjeesh Duggal) – A TV channel owner, Siya (Sana Khan) – Rahul’s law adviser and Ranbir Bajaj (Gurmeet Chaudhary) – siya’s boy friend and public prosecutor, all their path cam across to each other after a live murder telecast on  Rahul’s channel. One by one his partners get killed and their live telecast is showed on Rahul’s channel. Why it is happening? Is he doing this or someone wants him i jail? The answers to the mystery is plot of the movie.


Suspense is very good written and directed. Performances are good. But the power is in the punchlines. Music is mostly remake of old songs but good to hear. As the directors perspective, the suspense is hidden till end and it is big achievement.

My View:

Suspense with very well placed adult content makes movie watchable till end. I feel end is bit stretched and less horrified but everyone has their own expectations.



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