Kahani 2 Review


Story line:

Vidya Sinha and her daughter Mini live peacefully in the sleepy town of Chandan Nagore. Vidya’s life revolves around Mini. Her life goes upside down when Mini is kidnapped and while trying to locate her daughter, Vidya met with an accident and goes into a coma. As Inspector Inderjeet investigates the hit-and-run case, he discovers that Vidya Sinha may not be all she appears. She has a dark past linking her to Durga Rani Singh – a wanted criminal on the run for kidnapping and murder. What is the truth of Vidya? Why Mini was Kidnaped? Who was Durga Rani singh? The answers to these questions are the plot of the movie. 


Story is based on child abuse in the society. The acting performances are good. Vidya and Naisha has done superb job. Arjun has not much power as Police role but he has done his part. Music is nice to hear.

My view:

Kahani 2, if you expect same level of suspense in the story to prequel then you will have disappointment.



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