Dear Zindagi Review



Kaira is a promising cinematographer. Fatima, Jackie and Ganju are her three best friends. Her cheerful life becomes a nightmare when someone falls in love with her. She is running from relationships until he meets Dr. Jahangir Khan, a psychologist. She starts taking session and what follows up is the plot of the movie.


Story is very simple and powerless. As for the performances, it looked like it was shot in the free time of SRK. As for the Alia, she played very good part of mental imbalance. There are lots of other small characters which tried to intense the movie but not able to lift it. Too much openness of parent and child is something that is avoidable. I only like the music part. Too good songs leading with “Love you Zindagi” & “go to hell dil”.

My View:

As far as it goes for me, I have left the theater after I get enough bored. Watch it at your own risk.



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