Force 2 Review


Story line:

ACP Yashwardhan (John Abraham) gets a clue from his dead friend which leads him to his murder. He needs to work with Raw officer KK (Sonakshi sinha) to get him from Budapest, Hungary. They need to search from the raw agency workers who is him? While in sub sequence, they need to stop him killing other RAW agents too. Will they able to find him? Why is he doing so? and will they be able to bring him to justice? The answers too these questions is the plot of the movie.


Super story. Super Direction. Super performances. Super action. Songs not much but they are ok. cinematography too good. Force 2 offers aggression, mind games and total action.

My view:

When ever I see Hollywood spy movies like MI series or 007, I think why we can’t make such movies. I got the answer, that there is equal or greater sense given to villain in them while the hero gets girls and courage. Force 2 offers for you same with Bollywood style.



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