Shivaay Review


Story line:

Shivaay is mountaineer in Himalaya. He lives with her daughter Gaura, who can’t speak. There life goes to unsettle when Gaura finds out her mother Olga is alive and lives in Bulgaria. She wants to meet her. So Shivaay and Gaura goes to Bulgaria to find Olga. But in between Gaura is kidnaped. Shivaay gets to know the child gone missing are generally goes to sell in other country in 72 hours. Will Shivaay be able to save Gaura? Will thy find Olga? The answers to these questions is the plot of the movie.


A child trafficking story with bit father – daughter attachment is not having that much power in it. Nonstop action sequences. Beautiful cinematography. Lovely music. Ajay looks good in action sequences as well as lovable father. Erika Kaar (Olga) and Sayesha (anu) support well. 

My View:

Movie is very stretched and that takes all the good things in to negative.



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