Wrong Side Raju Review


Story line:

Raju Bhambani, a driver by day and bootlegger by night, is a simple and charming guy who dreams of opening up his own travel agency some day. He finds himself unwillingly stuck in a hit and run situation involving his owner Tanmay. As the police remands start, the pages of his life unfolds where is his love Shaily Asher, a French girl, his owner Tanmay Shah who happens to be the son of an affluent lawyer, Mr. Amitabh Shah. Is Raju guilty? Or he was used to save someone else? The answer to these question is plot of the movie.


This is inspired by a true story but to write something and to make sure that people believes everything is just like magician. Performances are too good. Music is very very beautiful leading by Satrangi. Mikhil Musale needs to be given full credit to make such a good film.

My view:

Finally got chance to see the movie. When you hear something about movie so great then your expectation goes to very high level. The movie won’t let you down whatever level your expectation is. There is everything in slow motion after listening Satrangi.


As this is a special movie I want you to have a song as trailer…

Also It happens to start the Navratri, festival of color, joy and also happens to this blog’s third anniversary I would like to dedicate below song…


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