Yeh To Too Much Ho Gaya Review


Story line:

Mann & Mohan are twin brother. Mann goes to Thailand to earn money while Mohan lives in village with her  mother. Mann got in problem due to fight with don Mak. While mohan got in to trouble due to his love story with Rajveer Chaudhry. So Mann comes back to India where Mohan reaches Thailand. The tragedy happens due to this is the plot of the movie.


Double role characters with love story , not much in story line. but somewhere in between you will laugh on PJs. performances are average. Songs are good to hear but placed at every corner and ultimately slows down the movie. Action sequences looks like copied from 70’s movies.What I liked is the cinematography throughout the movie is very beautiful.

My view:

We have seen great double role movies like Don, judva, gopi kishan, Kishen Kanhaiya. Though everyone has double role but power of the story and equilibrium of emotion makes movie enjoyable. Yeh to too much ho gaya lacks everything of it.



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