Freaky Ali Review

Story line:

Ali is a poor man who works hard to earn for his life. But luck favors him when he decided to become a gangster. He accidentally played golf while collect extortion money. And that changed his life. Golf gives his life direction, fame, love & enemy.The journey of Ali from gangster to a top level sportsman is the plot of the movie.


Another amazing story for navazuddin after manzi. Amazing acting performances. Too good dialogues. Too good support acting. songs are bit off bit but nice to hear. The movie won’t let you down for a single moment. Though director was not able to make gold totally understandable, the try to aware people about another sports is appreciable.

My view:

Golf, the rich people sport, playing by a under garment seller. If you say this is the story of the movie and even if someone crate such a solid film even in the country where cricket is religion then total credit goes to director for having so much faith. Too good acting and script writing.



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