Baar Baar dekho Review


Story line:

Jai and Diya are childhood friends and in love with each other. they decided to marry each other. Jai is confused what he needs from his life. during the marriage function he was able to see his future. He was able to go in different stage of his life and lives future events. What he finds and what will be the effect of this events on his life is the plot of the movie.


If you ask me, I will say story was copied from hollywood movie ‘click’ and modified to bollywood standards. Performances are very average on scale. same expression from sidharth, very few dialogue in katerina’s plate. even supporting cast let down the movie. Only plus point is music. Very beautiful.

My view:

When I saw the first half, I was not able to link time gap between events. ‘Click’ has the events relative to each other at some what ends. In the second half movie slow downs a bit and the things got cleared. But even happy endings not able to lift loop of the story. Might be the story was predictable if you have watched Click.



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