Akira Review

Story line:

Akira Sharma is a small town girl who lives happily with mother. His brother is settled in Mumbai and he takes both with them to stay. Unfortunately Akira was surrounded between corrupt police case. How? Will she be able to claim her free from this case? the answer of these question is plot of the movie.


Film is co-written, directed, and produced by AR Murugadoss.It is a remake of the 2011 Tamil film Mouna Guru. The movie tries to define woman empowerment with strong character of Akira. Acting performances are good. Action scenes are full on. Music is somewhere the movie slows but is good to hear, leading with “Rajj Rajj ke”. Director is able to show woman strength and sacrifices very well through out movie.

My view:

I was bit disappointed with the way the movie ends. May be I am used to see the happy ending. But whatever Akira fights for is made zero in the end looks like the story was put to an end in the interval.



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