A Flying Jatt Review


Story line:

Aman (Tiger Shroff) is a martial art teacher who is a scared jatt. Mr. Malhotra (Kay Kay Menon) is a money man who wants Aman’s land. So he send his killing machine Raka (Nathan Jones) to get the land. Aman tried to stop him and in an accident they both got super powers. Their lives changed when they got super powers. How they use their powers is the plot of the movie.


The story is mostly inspired by first Indian television super hero Saktiman and Bollywood super hero krish. The lead role performances are mostly their repeat telecast i.e Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Kay Kay Menon. But the real performances are given by supporting actors & villain. They lift the movie as far as they can. Music is a strong point in movie leading with “Toota Jo Kabhi Tara”.

My view:

If you survive first half hour somehow then you will enjoy movie. As far the action sequences goes, director needs to see baghi once more to make martial art teacher character alive.




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