Happy Bhag Jayegi Review



Happy’s (Diana Penty) marriage was confirmed with local corporater Daman Singh Bagga (Jimmy Shergill). But she loves Guddu (Ali Fazal). So before her wedding she and Guddu plan to run away and get married. But she by mistake get into another truck and reaches Pakistan. How will she be able to back in India? What will happen in Pakistan? Will she and Guddu able to get married? The answers to these questions are plot of the movie.


There are some great india- pakistan love stories movies. But this one is slightly different as in this the Indians are naughty and Pakistani are silent type. Each and every character has fully lived their character and you can feel their emotions throughout the movie. Direction is able to get humor between the chaos and that is his biggest achievement.

My view:

India – Pakistan stories are really sensitive and the movie maker needs to be very careful that even in mistake they do not hurt any on side people. It is very well taken care. you will specially like Piyush Mishra and Diana Penty characters.



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