Me Before You Review


Will Traynor (Sam Claflin), a wealthy young banker left paralyzed from an accident two years earlier. Young and quirky Louisa “Lou” Clark (Emilia Clarke) moves from one job to the next to help her family make ends meet. Her cheerful attitude is put to the test when she becomes a caregiver for Will. What is life of a paralyzed person? Will Lou be able to pass the test and be able to continue this job? What are the challenges for both? The answers to these questions are plot of the movie.


Sometimes its hard to end something so good. Hats off to story writer that he was able to give end to such sweet story. There are twists and turns but a very steady pace for the story.

Performances are very good.The first time you see Emilia Clarke in the movie to the last scene you can only enjoy her beautiful performance. Sam Claflin had to play a tough role as there was only expression part for him in play. But he played his part perfectly.

There are some moments in the movie where you can see amazing cinematography. Looks like you were actually there. The director is able to express the power of love and value of each moment in life.  Very well done.

My view:

The smile on Lou’s face from first appearance, makes you forget every worry of your time. And that smile is the soul of the movie.You will find that both are selfish at their end yet both are fighting for each other. I disagree with the end, but sometimes its not happy ending for all.



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