Mohenjo Daro Review


In 2016 BC,the Mohenjo Daro city is under control of corrupt and inhuman Maham and his son. Then a kind farmer Sarman (Hrithik Roshan) went in the city to sell his goods. The kind an helpful nature of his makes hiim enemy of Maham and his son. How he fights with them and free the city from their atrocity is the plot of the movie.


In historical movies, the first need is very strong story. Mohenjo daro has one. Very good acting performances. A.R. Rahman has done it again. Beautiful music. Credit to C.K. Muraleedhara,the director of photography too. He has make sure you are in time of ancient civilization throughout. Few but very well directed action sequences.

My view:

First half is very solid. You will fall in love with Mohenjo daro. Second half is full action pack but slows down the movie. But director Ashutosh Gowariker has made sure you will be on your edge till last scene.



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