Jason Bourne 2016 Review

Story line:

It’s been 10 years since Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) walked away from the agency. Now he finds out that he was under surveylance before he was selected for treadstone program by his father. And when his father accept his mistake he was killed in bomb blast. While CIA director Robert Dewey assigns Heather Lee to find Jason when he find that his former operative Nicky Parsons is also looking for him. Will Lee be able to Jason? Will Jason be able to get to know the truth about his father? Will he be able to get his father’s murdered? The answers to these questions are plot of the movie.


Story has suspense and drama fulled within. Very good action sequence. very good acting performances. story is able to hold you till last scene and that is where director’s victory is.

My view:

If you are fan of Bourne series, you will not disappoint with this. If you are not, you might find him less attractive as Jason still chasing his past.



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