Sultan Review


Story line:

Sultan ali khan (salman khan) is a hariyanvi boy, who falls in love with hariyanvi wrestler girl Arfa (anushka). But to prove himself worthy of her, he lose himself. The journey of sultaan to get himself back is plot of the movie.


The story has power. Full credit to story writer Ali Abbas Zafar. Performances are very good. Salman and anushka have given their 110 %. Music is life of the movie leading by title track. Direction is pretty focused.


When you watch the movie, if you are not thinking much, it will hold you tight till end. but if you are applying logic in the movie, the 170 minutes are too long to end the movie. When ever the movie get some speed it break down by some emotion or song. But the never ending fight sequence and acting performances make you on your toe till the end.



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