Independence Day: Resurgence Review


Story line:

July 4, 1996 humans have beaten aliens. Human knows they will return. With the help of each other and alien technology they have make peace worldwide and prepare themselves for next attack. But so do the aliens have. They have created ship size of arctic ocean and came back to take earths iron after 20 years. Will humans be able to stop them or will aliens won these time? the answer of this question is plot of the movie.


Story is simple, short and sweet. But the director has pulled it so long that it become the second part. We really miss the actors too. 20 years of their age difference is unbelievably noticed in the movie except in those who were old in first part. They have more energy and humor. The punches might make you laugh some where. Fighting scenes are less realistic.

My view:

Its not 20 years, it looks much more. The film is lacking energy in 75% part. Rest 25% part is wow. This is what we came to see. The ending might disappoint you. It might be that my expectations were too much from this movie.



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