Baaghi Review


Story line:

Ronny is a baaghi who never obeyed his father. So on his last moments his father sends him to learn Indian martial art. On the journey he met with Sia and  both fall in love. On the same train travels Raghav, who also falls in love at same time with Sia. Raghav wants to get Sia on any price and Ronny can die for Sia. The outcome of this love triangle is base of the story.


First of all, the story writer has written a simple but effective story. There are not any new punches but you will like some PJs. Acting performances are too good especially from Shraddha and Sunil Grover. The action sequences are too good. The background music is very effective. The songs are very good leading with cham cham. The cinematography is wonderful.

My view: 

If you ask what is new in this movie, I will say not much. You will see same Shraddha Kappor which we seen in Ek villain. Same tiger shroff action as in his previous movie. Then why to watch this movie? If you have tired week then this is a very good refreshment and the chemistry of this two is first time on screen and looks very good. Cham Cham will make you dance if you are not shy and if you like the action, its nonstop trough out the movie.