Kapoor and Sons Review


Story line:

Amarjeet Kapoor (Rishi Kapoor) is old comic dying man. He had a last wish that he has a full family photo before he passes away. Rahul and Arjun are his grandchildren who have their issues. Harsh and Sunita are their parent and they are suffering from a financial crisis while there marriage is almost at broken stage. when Amarjeet fell ill, the whole family comes together. Will they able to cross over their issues or the issues become wide is the plot of the story.


The story has something saying that the old age requires the young once time not money, and family needs some together moments not likes and comments. the script writer has done his part to make movie comic tragedy drama. Performances are outstanding. Music is nice to hear. The director is able to send the story message successfully and that’s big win for him.

My view:

The movie has everything you want to see in drama films like comedy, ego clashes and love story. The movie is bit slow pace which is the story requirement I guess but its an emotional one and might bore you in second half.



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