Jai Gangajal Review

Story line:

Abha Mathur (Priyanka Chopra) posted in Bankipur district as the Superintendent of Police. MLA Babloo Pandey and his family rules over Bankipur. Under their rule the farmers needs to sell their land for power-plant project which causes farmers to suicide. The police system is also become their associate and had sold their soul. Abha tries to regain the trust of the people on police. Will Abha succeed or the politicians wins over the honesty? The answers of these question is the base of the story.


In the first half story moves in all around but after interval story gets focused and becomes powerful. The script writer has given his best to entertain in first half. But the real credit goes to all lead characters. They acted so well. You can’t believe that Prakash Zaa is not an actor. Side role supported very good. In some portion you might find side roles heavy then lead roles in story. Also credit goes to director, even though the script has power but he keeps his direction in reality and didn’t go in fantasy.

My view:

As B.N. Singh, Prakash Zaa impressed very well, both of his characters has so much strength, that only carries the movie on his soldier. A new view of public execution is shown in movie. Only one thing that I found negative is, the action scenes do not have that much power in it.



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