Batman v Superman- Dawn of Justice Review


Story line:

Eighteen months after the destructive battle with General Zod in Metropolis, Superman has become a controversial figure. Daily Planet journalist Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego, has moved in with Lois Lane. Billionaire Bruce Wayne, who has operated in Gotham City as Batman for nearly two decades, sees Superman as a potential threat to humanity. After learning of Batman’s activities, Superman also views him as a threat. Lex Luthor owner of LexCorp Industries, a scientist, find this as opportunity. Luthor tracks the crystal that weakens superman and make sure batman get them and then he make sure that batman and superman gets to each other and one of them kills the other. While he changes the General Zod’s body into a monster of superman’s planet to kill superman as the back up plan. Will Luthor be able to beat both superheroes? How superman and batman fights to these situation is the plot of the movie.

To mach up three big characters in to a single story is never easy. And when you have batman vs superman, no script is perfect. Only the action can speak louder in such collision. An action really speaks in this movie. Acting performances are good. The dawn is put on a solid base. lets see what is next.
My view:

When you think, Batman vs Superman, batman have less chances but these will change your thinking. As superman knows his power, he is not using them in full potential while batman goes beyond his reach to encounter his greatest evil. Generally we didn’t expect killing from batman but this rivalry has reached to that level in this movie and that is what expected from these movie.


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