Kung Fu Panda 3 Review


Story line:

Master Oogway and Kai were brothers. Once in a war Oogway was injured badly. Kai took him and travel across world to save his life. After a long search he found a panda village who saves Oogway’s life with Jee technique. Pandas teach Oogway and Kai the Jee technique. But Kai wants it all for himself so he started to take Jee energy from pandas. Oogway stoped him. But now Kai has returned and he wants to destroy what Oogway has created and remove his legacy like Oogway did with him. While Po has all responsibility to fight against Kai and stop him. How will Po stops Kai is the plot of the movie.


A strong story back up with amazing 3d effects is what you can expect from Kung Fu Panda 3.
My view:

As for me this is the best past in the kung fu panda trilogy. The best thing about these trilogy is that it makes you feel relax. full to entertainment.


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