Airlift Review

Story line:

Ranjit Katiyal (Akshay Kumar) is a ruthless businessman who will go to any lengths to make a profit.Katiyal calls himself a Kuwaiti and is generally derisive towards Indians.he makes a happy home with his wife Amrita (Nimrat Kaur) and his sweet little daughter Simu. When Iraq started war on Kuwait, the Kuwaiti government officers saves their lives and left the country. Ranjit took responsibility to take his staff back to India. The other needy Indian people too join him and the count reached to 170,000. How he is able to save this many lives is the plot of the movie.

First of all credit goes to the story writters : Raja Krishna Menon, Suresh Nair, Rahul Nangia, Ritesh Shah for selecting such a out of the box story. Though it was a huge event, the world has forgotten about it and now the revival of it is amazing. The acting performances are superb. Music is also very pleasant with leading “Soch Na Sake”  and “Tu Bhoola Jise”.
My view:

There is a rich history of India and even we are part of it and we forget it. But when something like this happen to your life you understand the value of it. The movie is bit slow but its just you need to go there and feel the patriotism flowing within you as movie continues.


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