Dilwale Review

Story line:

A boy and a girl fall in love. Boy have elder brother Raj and girl have elder sister Mira. when they met them for their marriage proposal, both denied to met them again without giving a proper reason. the reason is they both have a past relationship which end up killing their families except their siblings. The past and the current love story is the plot of the movie.


Story has been mixed from some movies but eventually it is very good. Script writer has given lots of 1 liner punches which makes you laugh a lot. Acting is undoubtedly superb. Both the pair loos nice. Music is too good. Director has given you everything action,comedy and romance as his signature.

My view:

The movie is bit long. But the evergreen pair of Bollywood will fall you in love again. If you are asking which one to watch between this and bajirao, I will say its between two directors selection. If you want Rohit shetty type  fun loving masala movie go for the Dilwale. If yo are fan of Bhansali like serious, historical and pure love story go with Bajirao. Both have extreme acting performances.



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