Bajirao Mastani Review


Story line:

After death of general of Marata estate, his son Bajirao-I becomes the new general. He wins most part of India with his wits and fighting spirit. On return to home after a war, He met Mastani, who came to her to ask his help to save her estate Bundelgadh. Bajirao accept to help them and save her estate. In between Mastani falls in love with him. When Bajiro returns home, Maharaja of bundelgadh sends gifts including Mastani to Bajirao. Bajirao is married to Kashibai already. The love story of Bajirao and Mastani, their love story fate and the fate of kashibai’s life is plot of the movie.


The story is very powerful. but the script writer has done a lot work to make each and every dialogue a quality benchmark. Full credit to both of them. Acting performances are wow. Even the supporting cast is so mixed in their characters, you can not visualize them as ordinary actors. the sets and cinematography is very good. Songs are the life of Bhansali’s movie and once again they have done it. The direction must be hard as this was made during the period of 15 years. Its a dream come true for him.


Edit Performances: 

Recently I have watched this movie again and I am forced to edit the performances as there is much more offered which if not written it will not complete the review.

The story is chosen to be one of the most best directed historical movie. Script writing is so beautiful that each and every line will take wow of your mind. For the acting part, Ranbir has done a tremendous acting and totally change him self as bajirao. Priyanka has played her part as comic, beautiful and sacrificed wife so well that each part of her role will be feel whenever she is on screen. On the other hand Deepika has beauty, love & action in her part and has done too good. you can’t just take a side. They both have acted too superb. The supporting characters, Tanvi azmi whenever she enter you can feel the pure negative and on the other hand Milind soman the total positive. There are very few films where each character has given full chance to show their acting performances at this high level. Its so good to see pure Indian classical dancing. How could I missed describing it in brief. Each and every step you took in any song, it will describe the mood of the song. The grand sets are giving full support to it. From the battlefield to the forts, total beauty of scenes. I accept songs are life of this movie. But let me be specify that pure Hindi songs with pure classical music where each and every word has meaning. So good to hear them. Just flows you from bhajan ‘rang do lal’,’Gajanan’ to enjoyment ‘pinga’,’malhari’,’albela sajan’ to the prayer ‘aayat’. So much variety with so beautiful singing. When you say director, he is perfectionist in his own way and you can see the quality of the movie at each and every scene. He believes in love and pure love is in throughout the movie.

My view:

The movie is bit long. but if you believe in love, the story will entertain you throughout. If you don’t believe , you will fall in love with this one.



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