The Intern (2015) Review


Story line:
70-year-old widower Ben Whitaker (Robert De Niro), a retired executive at a phone directory company, applies to a senior citizen intern program after retirement has gotten too boring for him. The company he applies to is About the Fit, a fast-growing e-commerce fashion company, whose founder and CEO Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) had previously agreed to a community outreach program where seniors will intern at the firm. Ben is set directly under the CEO Jules. How their combination work out is the plot of the movie.


Story has a new concept. It differs two ages mentality of people and business. Very well done. Acting performances are too good. There was so much to distract but director has successful to focus on the main story line and created one of the best comedy drama.

My view:

The movie is inspirational to 21st century women and men. If they can learn from this movie we can reduce age gap of two generation.



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