Hate Story-3 Review

Story line:

Aditya Diwan ( Sharman Joshi) is a successful businessman now married to Sia (Zareen Khan) who was once his late elder brother Vikram’s fiancé.Everything is merry in Aditya’s la la land until Sourav Singhania makes an unchartered entry. Sourav asks Aditya to allow him to spend a night with Sia and in exchange ask for whatever he wants. Naturally, angered by such a proposal, Aditya refuses to co-operate.Hence, starts Sourav’s vicious game. He starts by targeting Aditya’s business and ties him up in legal issues. Frustration grips over Aditya as he cannot decipher Sourav’s motive in doing so.Aditya sends his loyal colleague Kayra (Daisy Shah) to spy over Sourav but things turn ugly when double-crossing gets involved.What is Sourav’s motive in harming Aditya and Sia is what essemtially the movie is about.


The story has suspense, romance and hate which is beauty of this series. Both the actress looks bold and beautiful. While both heroes have performed extremely well. Direction has made us believe on the theory of the coin. That you can only judge the story if you look it both the way. But this time the music department has been too much. Too many songs with too much hot scenes were never required in it.

My view:

Once again, the villain role overpower the hero role in the movie. The director has made you believe that he is so much evil and then the suspense reveals and the sudden turn around is what makes your money worth while.

If you are planning to watch the movie for the glamour, you also enjoy the movie with lots of hot scenes and songs.



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