Chhello Divas Review

Story line:

The movie revolves around the lives of eight friends and their journey of growing up while they face the highs and lows of their relationships, love and romance, the end of their college days and the beginning of a new life.


If you want to find a story, there is none but if you want to experience a story, there are many in this movie. Performances are superb. The single song is the beauty of the movie. Director has done a great job.

My view:

In last few years I have seen some great Gujarati movies. I will not put this movie in it. The difference is that this movie is very abusive and you can’t watch this at home or with your loved once. The second point that let down the enjoyment is the typical Gujarati language use. Its good to see it but if you don’t know much Gujarati it will bore you.

Lets talk about the good side. You can feel every scene of the movie. Sometimes you know what is going to happen next. Still you are anticipated it to happen and when the scene is done you feel light. When you get out of the cinema hall, you surely gonna miss the collage days if you have lived them.



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