Absolutely Anything Review

Story line:

Earth scientist sends a ship to communicate with aliens. Aliens gets the ship and they give the absolute power to a human Neil for 10 days. Neil can get anything by waving his hand. From the actions of Neil aliens will the mental capacity of earth species and they find it evil they will destroy earth. What happens when Neil find out about his power and what happens to the earth after 10 days is the story of the movie.


The story is a idea of having absolute power. We have seen such movies like Bruce almighty. The difference is the Acting performances. Too good acting performances. Cinematography is good. Director has succeed to give the message that absolute power is only harmful in human hands though he wants to do good.

My view:

The movie is bit slow. Also the alien connection is bit hard to digest but I love the ending. Simon have done a very good job as a common man.



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