Tamasha Review


Story line:

Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) an Tara (Deepika Padukone) accidentally meet at the French island of Corsica. They spend their time lying each other. After spending one week with him Tara falls in love with Ved but they stay separate for few years. When Destiny takes Tara back to Ved she finds that he has become ordinary guy. She tries to bring back old Ved and the consequences are the plot of the movie.


Script has some loopholes but the message is very clearly given through it. cinematography is superb through out the movie. Songs and music is supporting movie story too. As Lead roles , both have given their 100%. Overall you can feel the effort in the movie.

My view:

Starting is very good but then movie looses grip till late in second half and picks up speed just before the end. It has some patches of extraordinary acting skills by every character. But rest might ask you to be patient. But in the end you might find the path for your self.



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