Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Review

Story line:

Prem Dilwale(Salman) is a stage actor. He met the founder of the Uphaar foundation princess Maithili(Sonam) in a relief camp. He falls in love with her. He came to know Maithili is coming for her fiance Yuvraj VijaySingh’s(Salman), prince of Pritampur, crowning ceremony. But VijaySingh’s brother Yuvraj Ajay Singh(Neil) planned an attack for his death. Though VijaySingh survived but injured badly. On the way to Pritampur Prem meets the chief security guard of Pritampur. As Prem and VijaySingh were looked same, Prem was replaced as VijaySingh till VijaySingh fully recovered. What drama takes place when Prem took place of Vijay, is the plot of the movie.


Both the performances played by Salman is superb. Sonam looks very good as a princess. This was the opposite role of “Khubsurat” and she played it very beautifully. The supporting cast have given full support to the movie.

The story writer has written a good script and director has just put every bit of royalties in it to make every scene alive. Songs are second sole of the movie after Prem dilwales performance.

My view:

As a double role, Salman has this second movie in his list after Judva. But this time the innocence of Prem Dilwale is much more pure and the role is more powerful. the length of the movie can be reduced. On some portion movie becomes slow and feels overacting but on the next scene Prem Dilwale brings you back to the movie.



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