Shaandaar Review

Story line:

Two Wealthy families are making a deal to stop bankruptcy bu t don’t know the other is bankrupt too. For the deal success they arrange marriage of Isha. Jagjinder Joginder is Isha’s Wedding Organiser and Alia is Isha’s sister. The story is about the marrige sequence and family drama around it.


The script has not much to offer. But the director has tried t make it lot beautiful with camera with beautiful locations. But the acting performances led down the movie. There are some patches where movie is very good but else the movie just goes without any direction. Songs are good. The animation and dream sequence are good.

My view:

There are some cold war sequence between Shahid and Pankaj kapoor which is the only thing I really like in the performance area. Alia looks to have some acting skill in this one but the character given to her is not centralized which reduces the importance of her in the movie.



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