Rudramadevi Review


Story line:

Kakatiya dynasty is surrounded by enemies and even the relatives of the kings are in the search to take over the kingdom. Then a daughter, Rudraba, is born in the house of Ganapatideva, the emperor of the Kakatiya dynasty. To keep the kingdom safe Rudraba was bought up as a son and given the name Rudradeva. Rudradeva make the kingdon safe and happy place to live. But her identity was disclosed when he was about to be king. She was punished to thrown out of kingdom. The kingdom is taken over by the relatives and the enemies. Rudraba must save the kingdom from them. How she do it is the story line.


The story has something to offer new but it is not got out in the movie. The acting performances are good. But the over use of graphics make the movie unrealistic. Music is also the week point of the movie.

My view:

The pace of the movie is very slow. Dubbed songs are making movie horrible. Bahubali has set a standard for south movies and the expectation of same level is not fulfilled.



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