Jazbaa Review


Story line:

Anuradha Verma is a criminal lawyer and she is best. Her daughter is kidnapped, and the kidnapper  informs her that the only way she will ever see her daughter again is by defending a criminal, charged with brutally raping and murdering a young woman. The kidnapper watches Anuradha’s every move, forces her to comply and orchestrates a perfect crime by outwitting the police. Anuradha’s friend Yohan, a suspended policeman with charges of corruption, is too tangled up in his own mess to help her. The prosecutor is a longtime rival who is determined to defeat Anuradha professionally. Anuradha has only seven days before the trial ends and race against time and corruption to save her daughter.How she save her daughter is the story line of the movie.


The story has power. The same intensity is brought in the movie by director. Acting performances are really good.

My View:

The come back of all the Bollywood heroin are with a strong story. This is one of them. The movie has lots of things to offer like emotions, suspense and the gap difference of two decades people.



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